Our Receiving Home Program provides an alternative home environment for abandoned, surrendered, neglected and dependent children aged 0-4 years old with the end goal of permanently placing them with either their birth families, relatives or adoptive families.

It is staffed with compassionate, professional and committed caregivers 24 hours a day.

Once the child is admitted into the home, he/she receives the following services:

Holistic Health Care Program

This focuses on the maintenance of optimum health of each child as well as the prevention and early detection of illnesses through the Medical Program and Nutrition Program.

The Medical Program provides the children with basic medical and nursing services. Each child undergoes regular physical examinations by pediatricians, ensuring proper administration of prescribed medicines, multivitamins & immunizations . He/she is also provided with complete and accurate individual medical records.

The Nutrition Program ensures that each child has a balanced diet. Physical growth is monitored through regular recordings of height, weight and head circumference. Menus are planned based on the individual needs of the children.
Early Child Development Program 

This aims to foster the child's sensory, motor, cognitive, social, language and spiritual needs through age-appropriate developmental activities. Each child has access to a developmental pediatrician and his/her progress is monitored through a monthly checklist using the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). This program also aims to prepare the child for eventual discharge to his/her adoptive, foster or biological family.